LIDIO POIAN specializes in turning and milling, up to 5 axis, external and internal grinding, wire EDM, flat lapping.

The use of the latest generation technologies, and the continuous renewal of the machinery, allow to carry out special processes which, combined with the ‘Poian method’, and enable to create the products that have made this reality an ideal partner for its customers.

In addition to the main processes, the company offers finishes processes such as satin finish, polishing, shot peening, laser marking, ultrasonic cleaning and passivation treatment.

Through this portfolio of qualified processes, the company is able to supervise the entire production cycle and provide, for example, a finished and tested product of the highest quality for the medical devices sector.


The LIDIO POIAN milling department is equipped with Hermle 5-axis continuous CNC machines, all equipped with Heidenhain numerical control, which allow you to work parts with a maximum size of 750x750x500mm. The renewed machinery allows the company to dispose of the best and most sophisticated technologies on the market.


Grinding department allows to perform flat and universal grinding, internal and external, as well as noncircular CNC grinding with C axis. 

In internal-external cylindrical grinding, Lidio Poian is able to achieve very high accuracy, in the order of a tenth of a micron (0.1 μm).

Thanks to the latest investments made, the company has implemented a new range of processes within its departments with the best technology on the market, to guarantee the customer an excellence service in grinding operations.


LIDIO POIAN has the latest generation of Okuma CNC 5-axis continuous lathes, completely interconnected with each other through industry 4.0 technology and capable of machining parts with dimensions up to 1000 mm (distance between centers).

The company is equipped with duplicating lathes that allow you to work pieces of large dimensions, with dimensions up to Ø600 mm and maximum distance between centers of 2000 mm.

The versatility of the turning department allows the company to produce single pieces or small series (150 ÷ ​​200 pcs)


By using wire Electrical Discharge Machining, or wire EDM, Lidio Poian is able to provide, on all conductive materials, processing that would be unfeasible with traditional methods. For example, some activities on very hard material or heat-treated ones are facilitated and it is possible to perform complex geometries and micro-machining.

With a renewed fleet of machinery, the company has equipped itself with the best technology on the market to guarantee the customer a service of maximum versatility and excellence in wire EDM operations.

LIDIO POIAN is specialized in turning, with 2, 3 and 5 axis, milling with 3, 4 and 5 axis, grinding in flat and universal manual and Numerically Controlled, wire electro-erosion, lapping in flat position. The use of machine tools of the latest generation permits Lidio Poian to perform special work which in combination with the Poian method, permits to create products which has made the company an ideal partner in various sectors.

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