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Professional reliability, tenacity and constancy are the key elements which have dicted the growth of LIDIO POIAN S.r.l., a reality that has been able to qualify itself as reliable partner in the field of new generation mechanics.

The company preserves and pursues the original values of its founder: a craftsman whose great entrepreneurial spirit allowed to create, with the few means available, starting from the WWII military surplus, components and machinery for the economic and social rebirth of its community.

Through many difficulties, overcome with solid technical expertise, experience and enthusiasm for its work, the company has expanded and increased its know-how, specializing in high precision machining.

Today the Company could proudly claim the esteem of the most qualified and demanding customers in the various european industrial sectors: aerospace and defense, medical devices, racing, plastic extrusion, metrology and research.

The self-made entrepreneur, thanks to a strong determination, has been able to create and consolidate a successful business reality over time.

Precision machine shop since 1946

On October 26th, 1946, the founder Lidio Poian managed to purchase the lathe “FM SAFOP”, with which he began his craft business in a room of 16sqm only.

After the professional studies and various working experiences, among which the employment as a turner for the Aeronautical Workshop of Monfalcone Yards, the hard times of the immediate post-war period and the resulting unemployment, his new company is the landing place of a definitive professional dimension.

In 1947 the craftman began to hire the first collaborators reaching the entrepreneurial dimension. It became known locally for the construction of woodworking and stone crushing machines, as well as providing special technical solutions such as hydraulic lifts for plows, a breakthrough in the agricultural sector at the time.

In 1955 the mechanical workshop was moved to the larger headquarters in via Percoto, with the addition of new machine tools and the hiring of new personnel.

Lidio Poian
Lidio Poian

In 1971 the current headquarters in via Nazario Sauro were built, and his son Claudio and daughter Luisa joined the company, taking care respectively of the production workshop and administration. The company thus takes the name of “Lidio Poian & C. s.n.c. – Officina meccanica di precisione” and quickly became one of the most qualified production realities specialized in the high precision mechanical machining sector.

In 1995, the new technical and commercial challenges, which require state-of-the-art technology, linked to company growth, made it necessary to increase the machine park and double the production area.

In 1999, the fruitful collaboration with a historic Italian motorcycle company was born, the development of this partnership in thirty years of racing has helped to collect more than 50 world titles among riders and manufacturers.

In 2005 the time is mature for the third generation of the family to step in: the founder’s grandsons, Carlo and Elia, join the company and lead it to face the great challenge of the new industrial revolution: the digital revolution.

In 2010 the Company qualifies according to EN 9100 Standard.

In 2015 the Company qualifies according to ISO 13485 Standard and changed its name in LIDIO POIAN S.r.l.


Today LIDIO POIAN employs 35 people, including engineers, technicians and administrative staff, and maintains solid working relationships with companies operating in the most different industrial sectors.

In a rapidly changing world, the company’s purpose remains unchanged: to face the unknown future by relying on the preparation and professionalism of all its collaborators, with the will to work always with respect and for the dignity of the human being, for the good of the community and to foster the social, economic and technological develop of society.

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