An adventure that began 75 years ago, by Lidio Poian back in 1946.


Always at the forefront of research and materials


Specialized in high precision mechanical machining.

Over 75 years of experience

Certified quality, reliability standards at the highest levels, oriented towards innovation.

The Poian method

Depending on the requests, we offer consultancy and design to satisfy every need. From the design, to the research of materials, from the development in 3D, to the realization of the prototype.

Reverse Engineering

With the machinery at our disposal we are able to detect the technical data of a physical object and proceed with the drafting of a 2D drawing from which we will proceed to the creation of the 3D file, the prototype and the finished detail.


Since its foundation, LIDIO POIAN has worked in Quality and has made Total Quality one of its cornerstones.

EN9100 certified company for the aerospace sector and ISO13485 for the medical sector, Lidio Poian pursues customer satisfaction by constantly striving to raise its rigorous standards.

General terms of supply
Condizioni Generali di Fornitura
General Conditions of Supply of Various Products and Services

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Why choose us?

We are the best solution to your needs. Our deep knowledge in technical-mechanical design, material technology and operating techniques for the use of modern tools, allow us to produce components whose tolerances reach a precision of less than one micron.

Responds in minutes.