Poian method

LIDIOI POIAN company offers a range of technical and cutting-edge solutions that can meet any customer’s need.

Consulting and concurrent design

The long experience in mechanical machining for countless sectors and the extensive knowledge of the special materials, allows LIDIO POIAN company to be a strategic partner for its customers sing the design and development phases of product, as well as in the production phase. Oftenly this also translates into an improvement of the performance of the products themselves over the time.

3D development and prototypes

The Technical Department disposes of the state of the art CAD-CAM software and the highly qualified staff is able to provide to customers the best technical solutions,while ensuring the highest efficiency of production processes.

Reverse engineering

With the skills and technologies available, Lidio Poian is able to fully detect the dimensions of a physical object provided by the customer, proceed with the 3D development and drawing, providing all the technical datapackage required for the prototyping and subsequent production.

Special processes

LIDIO POIAN may claim decades of collaboration with its qualified suppliers, this allows us to entrust, with safety and high confidence in the result obtained, the machined components for the execution of specific heat and surface treatments, typical for each industrial field.


Since its origins, LIDIO POIAN has been working with special materials such as: stainless steels, hardened and tempered steels, case-hardened steels, tungsten, aluminum and magnesium alloys. From the 70s, the company has been working titanium alloys, sintered materials and even carbon fibers. The list is still constantly being enriched, for example with materials obtained by additive technology.

Quality assurance

The high quality standards required by customers meet the results thanks to a careful, qualified and trained qualiti control staff, which carries both final and in-process checks.

Inside temperature controlled metrology room the department is  equipped with sophisticated measuring tools including three CMMs, roundness meters, profilometers and roughness meters among others.


A well-equipped finishing department is able to carry out adjustments, such as polishing finish and shot peening among other processes aimed to improving both the functional and aesthetic appearance of the machined components.

Laser marking

Item coding and traceability are guaranteed by surface laser marking of part numbers and logos, on a wide range of metallic and non-metallic materials. 

Ultrasonic cleaning - Passivation

Inside the finishing department found place a cleaning area, with pre-cleaning, ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, passivation and water drying tanks. By using bio-compatible products, maximum respect for environment and for the health and safety of operators is guaranteed.

Test us with your project

We are used to facing every need as if it were a challenge to exceed your expectations.