«LIDIO POIAN» Scholarship

Enthusiasm, perseverance, professional seriousness and dedication are the unforgotten values of Lidio Poian, the artisan-entrepreneur who, 68 years ago, founded the Lidio Poian Company.

Today, the Company is a distinguished establishment in the field of high precision machining, and moves forward relying on the professionalism and the skills of all its employees, keeping the respect and dignity of people at the greatest consideration, and committing itself to contribute to the community as well as to the technical and economic improvement.

Wishing to pay homage to the man Lidio Poian, today the Simoni’s family offers a contribution for one student willing to undertake a two (or more) months study program abroad, for the preparation of their Thesis or for other research programs within Governmental Agencies, Universities or Private Companies.

To be eligible to the contribution, the student must:

Be enrolled to the course “Laurea Magistrale” at the “Politecnico di Torino” in one of the courses of “Laurea in Ingegneria” “Aerospaziale”, “Autoveicolo”, “Biomedica”, “Chimica”, “Elettrica”, “Energetica”, “Materiali”, “Meccanica”, “Meccatronica” or “Tessile”;

Have been resident for at least one year (and still be resident) in the “Centro Universitario Villa San Giuseppe” in Torino at the time of submission of the application.

The contribution will be assigned based on mention from the “Direzione del Centro Universitario”, and after authorization from the “Consiglio Direttivo dell’Associazione Ex Allievi VSG”.

If no eligible applicants can be found, the contribution will be granted to the scholarship fund of the “Associazione Ex Allievi VSG”.

The contribution for the Academic Year 2014/2015 will be granted during the month of December 2014.