Lidio Poian, 70 years of history

On the 26th October the 70th year of activity of LIDIO POIAN S.r.l. was celebrated.

70 years during which the company succeeded in asserting itself in the field of high-precision mechanical productions. The company was appreciated by a large and qualified clientele and experienced at first hand the technical evolution of manufacturing of shavings removal, in this standing out for the high qualitative level of its products and the professional integrity towards all the interlocutors with which it related in these long years.

70 years ago, Lidio Poian bought a second-hand manual lathe and with constant dedication, perseverance, inventiveness and deep studying of the techniques  and technologies of the production of the most complex materials, he laid the foundations of what today is a reality that boasts commercial relationships with some of the most important realities in the aerospace, medical and racing fields of the national and international scene.

On this occasion the new lathe Okuma Multus U3000 has been dedicated to the founder Lidio Poian: it is one of the latest of the multi-tasking machines of the Japanese company with best performances.

Then and today the union between high technology and people working in the company remains decisive.

The daily respect of shared principles and values and the collaboration on every level, cornerstones that characterise this Company, contribute to generate in the team of the LIDIO POIAN S.r.l. the pride of being part of a winning team.