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Activity 1.3.a DGR n. 646/2016 File n. 23818/RS/2016


PORE-BONE aims to design and realize an optimized innovative technology solution to design and produce biomaterials for orthopaedic prosthesis. Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, with dedicated process optimization tools, will be used along with design and topological optimization software for porous structures.


The goal is to identify a design methodology and production process to develop and realize prosthetic devices characterized by improved clinical performances. Achieving those objectives will radically improve product/service quality and nevertheless results quality that could be obtained by means of conventional technologies.


Expected results consist in defining a design method for cellular structures optimization in order to improve load distribution between implant and the surrounding bone, studying innovative production techniques, as the AM technology Selective Laser Melting, through numerical analysis and increasing process efficiency in order to reduce costs, lead times and environmental impact of prosthesis production.

Contribution granted: 133.698,19 euro