The company studies and tests new materials, placing the company in the forefront of this sector. The company also handles difficult materials to work; since 1970 worked with titanium alloys, sintered materials, carbon fibers, stainless steels, steels for quenching, cementation, and nitriding, various aluminium and magnesium alloys.


For the purpose of milling there are milling machines such as Hermle, Saimp, Tiger with 3, 4 and 5 axis in continuous method, all equipped with Numerical Control Heidenhain, which permits to work on items up to a maximum of 800 x 800 x 1600 mm. The manual milling machines instead permits to produce unique single items or items of small series.


Lidio Poian has Numerically Con- trolled (CNC) lathes with 2, 3 and 5 axis (distance of 1000 mm between heads), lathes with profiling memory with which it is possible to work on items of important dimensions, up to a diameter of 600 mm. (distance of 2000 mm between heads). With this flexibility the company can produce single items or items of small series.

Grinding machine

This department permits to perform grinding in flat position, internal and external universal, both manual and CNC. Furthermore in the cylindrical grinding machine internal-external Lidio Poian is capable of working parts with high precision which can reach up to a tenth of a micron.

Wire electro-erosion

With wire electro-erosion Lidio Poian is able to work on all metallic materials, operation which would be complex with the traditional methods. For example some work on very hard materials and heat treated materials is made easier with wire electro- erosion. Also it makes it easier to perform work on items of complex geometries and micro-machining.

Treatments – test

Selection and qualification of vendors are performed under strict control for heat treatment such as tempering, cementation, nitriding, normalization, passivation, and surface treatment such as chromate treatment, anodizing, chrome plating, phosfatization, dicroniting, nickel coating, copper plating, silver plating, gold plating, DLC, PVD, CVD and coating, resistance testing, mechanical tests, and non destructive tests (NDE).