Machining sector


Lidio Poian is also research. Research of technical and technological solutions to resolve problems found by the clients. In many cases Lidio Poian has collaborated in strict contact with the design department of the clients, offering innovative solutions.

Lidio Poian is a partner of the Sincrotrone Trieste and the company has designed and constructed measuring instruments, studying in synergy with technicians and physicists new equipment for the research.

The particular high care in details and precision in the dimensional and geometrical tolerances has brought Lidio Poian to be one of the first companies to produce a measuring

kit with spherical tips for checking millesimal tolerances, by using unique tools designed and constructed by Lidio Poian itself. Since 1980 Lidio Poian has produced one of the most precise measuring instrument in the world for AEROEL S.r.l., offering technical solutions for the construction of the mechanical parts.

The founder, Mr. Lidio Poian with the instrument for aligning particle accelerator of Sincrotone Trieste.


Remote distance control mechanism for focussing the microscope fitted in a vacuum chamber for research – Sincrotrone Trieste.

Mechanical parts for the laser measuring instrument during construction.