Machining sector


The high grade of the pro- duction technology of Lidio Poian has brought to the collaboration with Aprilia Racing for the construction of parts for the engine and frame structure of motorcycles for racing.

Working in close contact with the design department, Lidio Poian has learned to offer technical and innovative solutions to the design department and parts fabricated with the highest precision. These details have permitted to obtain an increase in the efficiency and output and a superior durability of the various components.

For many years the company has fabricated components for motorcycles of the class GP 125, 250, Moto2, GP1, and Superbike. Lidio Poian has also supplied parts for the world-championship Cross, and for the Karting sector crankshafts, connecting rods, clutches, control mechanisms for clutches, covers for the clutch and gearbox, parts for lubricating oil pumps, parts for the motorcycle suspension and frame, gears and levers for the gearbox.