Tenacity, perseverance, professional seriousness and dedication are elements that cannot be forgotten and which is the reason for the growth of Lidio Poian, a reality which knew to affirm itself as a qualified and reliable partner in the traditional and the new generation of machine shop sectors.

The company embodies the story of an artisan and his spirit of enterprise which with little equipment fabricated hydraulic lifting equipment for ploughs, wood working machines, and stone crushers.

With great difficulty, the company survived with a solid competent technique, experience and enthusiasm for its proper work.

The company expanded and increased its know how in various sectors, including the aeronautics industry, medical appliances, racing, plastics, measuring instruments and research. The “self-made” industrialist, thanks to his determination and knowledge, created a successful company.

Lidio Poian distinguishes itself for its advanced technology, efficient organization and valid products, bringing together quality, precision and innovation.