On October the 26 th, 1946, Lidio Poian, can buy his first lathe at 240 thousand Lire, a “FM SAFOP”; and starts his business in a 16 sq. m. site located in Romans d’Isonzo, next to his house. It’s the beginning of a new profession after the studies and some work experiences, like a job at the “Officine Aeronautiche dei Cantieri di Monfalcone” like the hard times after the war, the unemployment period and the start period at the “Officina Pupin” in Romans.

1947: Mr. Poian starts to employ the first workers, and to realize: wood working machines, particulars for rock crushing, hydraulic lifters for plughs as a technological innovation at that times.

In 1955 Lidio Poian moves the workshop to another larger site in Via Percoto, adding new machines and employing other workers.

In 1971 is realized the new workshop, in which Mr. Lidio Poian has the assistance of both the son and the daughter : Claudio and Luisa that do respectively the production and the administrative aspects. The company is now the “LIDIO POIAN & C. S.n.c. – Officina meccanica di precisione” and it becomes one of the most qualified companies in the high performance machinery field.

In 1995 the Company doubles his site and its CNC machines to meet the new work request that need a new technology.

The Company has nowadays about 25 employees and works in fields like aeronautics, racing, marine diesel engine parts, plastic materials, medical and research one. World change fast and the Company wants always to be able to count on technical knowledge and professional skills of his employees, working with respect and people dignity, looking for a global economy progress.